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The founding members of the QScan Team have a wealth of broadcast technology knowledge. Encountering problems inherent in the QC solutions available at the time - inefficient, clumsily engineered and technically challenging to operate. In February 2015 they collectively responded by creating the company 'Quales', with a clear goal: to make the best QC solution possible - an extremely powerful, flexible engine with an intuitive browser-based GUI. Their work drew a great deal of interest and adoption of the Quales QC toolset was rapid, with many clients worldwide keen to have a fresh new way of AQC-ing content, cementing Quales' place in the QC marketplace. Within two years, Quales QC solutions were adopted in over 50 countries worldwide, with an ever-expanding reseller network.

EditShare and the future

EditShare, a technology leader in shared storage and production workflows, announced the acquisition of the Quales brand and intellectual property in April 2017 and the incorporation was completed by September of 2017. EditShare's ethos is fundamentally geared around the desire to provide intelligent solutions in the Media and Entertainment space. The QScan AQC toolset is a perfect addition to the EditShare ecosystem. Now with an expanded worldwide team of sales and support, the collective development talent are working to harness the innovation's full potential and make AQC affordable and available to all. To learn more about EditShare's comprehensive range of storage and workflow solutions, visit www.editshare.com.

The EditShare team