EditShare QScan Fast Tracks Automated QC with New Aspera Orchestrator Integration

Basingstoke, UK — September 10, 2018 - EditShare® a technology leader in intelligent shared storage, QC and media management solutions, announced today that the EditShare QScan Automated Quality Control family (AQC) of products, powered by the award-winning QUALES AQC engine, now supports Aspera Orchestrator customers with integrated automated quality control. QScan simplifies compliance and delivery requirements with robust quality control capabilities that leverage a patent pending QScan Single-Pass Analysis process which can be applied at any point during the workflow. New integration with Aspera Orchestrator, a web-based workflow automation application that enables high-speed transfers, lets facilities set up AQC workflows that ensure files meet compliance coming in and leaving the facility.

QScan - An EditShare Solution

Prior to implementing QScan, Bladeworks’ approach to QC was comprised of two methods; eyeball the files before delivery, making adjustments based off what the team’s eyes and ears could detect, or, send files to a third-party company to QC the files before delivery to the broadcaster. “Many broadcasters in South Africa don’t have the intense delivery specifications like we’ve found in the UK, for instance. But for certain projects that needed to be tested for specific parameters, we’d send the files off to an outside company that performed QC and then they’d send it to the broadcasters,” says Andries De Jager, head of data, Bladeworks. “Then there were some deliveries where we’d just play through the file and make sure there were no black gaps and check that the grade was applied properly; if the eye caught something, we’d go in and fix it.”

Howard Twine, director of software strategy, EditShare explains, “The integration is a straightforward plug-in, allowing Aspera Orchestrator customers who are building file based workflows to leverage AQC when they are sending or receiving files from another party. With all the varying broadcast requirements and global delivery demands, AQC has become critical for just about any media facility doing business outside their immediate territory.” Twine elaborates, “If you are delivering to Japan or the UK, you need to check against PSE levels. With the UK, its DPP AS-11 for broadcasting material and for many OTT platforms, you need to comply with IMF standards. And of course, there is verifying files on the way into the facility to ensure that valuable post time is not wasted on non-compliant files. AQC is a time and money saver all around and simply a must for delivery workflows.” Known for its intuitive visual inspection interface and automated QC accuracy, QScan is designed for both creative and technical operators, giving an instant visual presentation of the quality checked file, as well as in-depth detailed analysis, making it easy to adopt across facilities.

IBC2018 attendees can see the new QScan/Aspera Orchestrator integration on the Aspera Partners Village stand 7.B25.

The expanding number of delivery platforms and their respective requirements is technically challenging for many content producers and distributors to navigate. Making it easy to use the best platforms is important in many facility workflow conversations and design,” comments John Wastcoat, vice president, business development, Aspera. “Bringing together the robust capabilities of Aspera Orchestrator with quality control systems like EditShare’s QScan allows our customers to remove much of the complexity and potential headaches from not knowing if their media is compliant with any of the growing number of file formats. This type of offering gives businesses confidence that what they are handing off - whether it’s to the post department for color grading or to an OTT provider, is spot on. In an industry where deadlines are tightening, there is no room for file errors, so this integrated solution can be a fundamental part of our customers’ workflows.”

For more information on QScan, please visit qscan.editshare.com.

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