Howard Twine

About Howard Twine

A well-known industry expert, Howard Twine has held key roles with leading development companies in the media and entertainment sector. Prior to his joining EditShare, Howard held the role of Chief Operations Officer at QC specialist Vidcheck, working on the UK DPP and other critical industry initiatives across the globe. In addition to his position at Vidcheck, Howard held strategic roles at Edifis, Leitch, Pro-Bel, SGL and TransMedia Dynamics. His vast experience across broadcast and video vendors in product management and business development led to his first assignment at EditShare as a senior manager responsible for architecting the company’s media asset management workflow solutions. Howard now heads up the Automated QC division.

Daniel Roqués

About Daniel Roqués

Daniel is an industry veteran of the Media and Entertainment industry. He studied telecommunication for his Engineering Degree in Electronic Systems at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Developed his final project at the Electrical and Electronic Department at the University of Leeds, UK. His professional career started in 1998 as Hardware, Laboratory, and After Sales at VIA DIGITAL, where he held the responsibility of generating the specifications and test plans of the reception terminals, and creating, designing and planning the pre-production laboratory at the company, where all services were tested before launch. In 2001 started his activities at INFINITTO NETWORKS, where he was responsible for HW, Installations and Project Integration. Later became HW Director at INOUT TV where he was in charge of the lifecycle of interactive terminals. Daniel is currently one of the co-founders of the AQC software with steering responsibilities and as Chief Operations Officer in QUALES.TV.

Luis Rodríguez

About Luis Rodríguez

Luis studied for his Telecommunications Engineer Degree in Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and started his professional career in the R&D department at Page Iberica. Then he became Technical Director at CABLEANTENA, a company that provided Television Services, at the same time he maintained consulting activities focusing on innovative projects for Antena 3 TV. Later was appointed as Head of Operations and Technology in VIA DIGITAL later becoming Engineering Director, where he had the responsibility of all Digital Services including Engineering and Interactive applications based on OpenTV. His next professional step led him to be Director for Reception Technologies at INFINITTO NETWORKS and Director of Business Development at TVNET Technologies. He is currently one of the co-founders of the AQC software and develops entrepreneur projects at the company, taking care of the Business Development Area, and being a member of the steering board.

Bernhard Schuur

About Bernhard Schuur

Born in May 1975, living in Mainz, Germany. He got his Television Engineering Degree at University of Applied Science, Wiesbaden, in 1999. First practical experience during studies at German Broadcasters SAT.1 + ZDF. In 2000, he started his professional career in the R&D Department at Panasonic European Laboratories. Until 2006 he was part of the video codec development team for MPEG-2,4 and H.264 codecs. With Panasonic, he contributed actively to the development of algorithms and proposals for standardizing the MPEG-4 AVC and invented 5 patents in the area of digital video compression. In parallel, he founded his own company “BeSchuur” and developed a complete MPEG Analyzer solution from scratch. Distributed by Dektec, JDSU and Pixelmetrix the BeSchuur products VISUALmpeg and Qualify became well known Elementary Stream + Video Quality software Analysers in the market, winning the NAB Pick Hit Award 2005. Bernhard is Chief Technical Officer of the AQC software and Co-Founder.