EditShare QScan Interface

QScan features include:

  • Efficient, fast, intuitive, visual and robust web-based system.
  • Template driven AQC for comprehensive or partial file testing.
  • Single Pass analysis provides the fastest understanding of any content and template setup without the need to constantly retest.
  • Log into the QScan UI from any location within your facility, or from anywhere in the world, and set up a task that you need immediately.
  • User permissions for multi-users.
  • Post-process logic allows content to be moved/copied or deleted, based on AQC results.
  • Simultaneous multi-user support.
  • Break out tasks to different groups. For example, an audio Pro Tools group might have a certain set of parameters for checking loudness, whilst the video departments runs their own set of rules to confirm picture quality.
  • Leading-edge multi-format and multi-parameter analysis, now with DPX support.
  • Pre-roll/post-roll and TC-in/TC-out configuration.
  • Delivering your file for playout? No problem. QScan takes care of the pre- and post- roll configuration, stitching a perfect file ready for delivery to a TV station or network subscription service.
  • API available.
  • The powerful QScan API allows you to implement AQC into your environment, effortlessly. Please contact the EditShare team to discuss the API integration.
  • QScan AQC is available at a price that the every creative or post production agency can afford. Contact us today to discuss this breakthrough price point.
  • Fully functional 14-day free trial.

Need more information?

EditShare’s specialist team for AQC tools are on-hand worldwide to assist you with any questions you may have. Please contact us.

Product Datasheet
QScan Datasheet