Offload your workload

Most creative content producers work on multiple projects concurrently, however, with hundreds of hours of media located in their storage pool, it becomes difficult for them to test all their media. Additionally, media types are getting more complex and, in certain types of workflow, more fragile. There is still the need for traditional eyeball QC for editorial reasons but a human eye (or ear) cannot detect level errors or file syntax as quickly and efficiently as the QScan algorithms.

QScan Automated Quality Check (AQC) removes all the headaches from scaling QC operations with the ability to check multiple codecs and specific QC requirements in different regions, ensuring that the media matches stringent broadcast standards.

QScan scales with the growth of an organisation or the broader adoption of automated workflows. You can start with QScan One - processing just a single file at a time, but with the benefit of all the codecs and features needed for any global specification. At any time this can be upgraded to QScan Pro, increasing throughput by four times. This, in turn, can also be upgraded to QScan Max, a multi node-based enterprise solution. QScan Max can be installed on an organisation's existing hardware infrastructure and load balanced across worker nodes. For example, a QScan Cluster can comprise of up to 40 worker nodes per Controller server, with the capability of processing 120 files concurrently which equates to thousands of files per hour, every hour of every day. Controller servers can be synced to provide unified control across the QC pool.

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