Taking the effort out of compliance

One of the biggest problems with setting up any new AQC system is finding the right thresholds that work for a certain specification or type of content. Traditional systems require the user to set a threshold in a template, test the file, read the results, then adjust the threshold, then retest and adjust, retest and so it goes on.

Powerful single-pass analysis

The QScan unique single-pass analysis technology completely removes this time-consuming process. QScan can even process a file without all the parameters set in a template, which can be added later without the need to retest the file. Finding a threshold for something like macro block errors can be hard work. However, with the single-pass analysis technology, you can see where the errors are in real-time without having to reprocess each time the macro block threshold is adjusted.

Pre-configured AS-11 DPP

Out of the box all three variants of QScan come with AS-11 UK DPP templates built in. This means that for any scale of operation users can check their compliance when delivering or receiving content for UK broadcast. This template has been tested by the Digital Production Partnership and is certified by the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) to give peace of mind and very rapid adoption. All the required codecs and modules for testing content for photosensitive epilepsy (PSE) are included in QScan as standard. As part of the AS-11 UK DPP template these give OFCOM and ITU REC-BT1702 compliance as well as testing for spatial patterns and saturated red.