Main Features

QScan’s efficient processing algorithms, which are powered by the award winning Quales engine, enable it to process media files effortlessly. The new family of solutions are available in a standalone configuration, alternatively API integrated with your existing workflow, or as a highly cohesive component of EditShare’s media asset management suite, Flow. The QScan family of solutions presents multiple ways of implementing AQC into your workflow. QScan’s robust design and ability to scale rapidly offers clients the dexterity to adapt to changing demands and expansion. The solution's multi-threaded engine can make full use of today's fast computing environments, delivering excellent performance with low processing overheads. Licensing is based on how many instances of QScan are running, not what they are running on, or how many CPU cores you need to make processing faster.

Powerful concurrent file testing

QScan Pro allows any user to test four concurrent files at any one time. This means different divisions within an organisation can test footage simultaneously within the same application. Find out if your valuable content has any technical issues immediately. With QScan Max this can expand, with hundreds of worker nodes working on thousands of files concurrently.

Single-pass analysis

Single-pass analysis allows you to analyze your files only once, avoiding the need of reanalysis in case your quality criteria changes or just because your template was incomplete, or was not correct. It also allows you to adjust your thresholds on the fly many times as needed, with no need of re-analyzing each file, great for when you have big volumes of files.

With the single-pass analysis, any change in your thresholds/templates will update the events (detections) within seconds, saving users time and effort.

All the values we measured are stored in the QScan database, so any change in thresholds/templates means you see the results almost instantly. There is no need to retest the file(s) again.

Comprehensive Codec Support, all included

We understand that clients use different codecs for different projects, that’s why we include a vast array of codecs with each QScan installation. No need to pay for a codec when you realise you are doing a particular project, it’s included, saving you time and money, and improving efficiency within your organisation.


For larger enterprise-class clients, additional worker nodes can be added to the system. The QScan Max software worker nodes are simply installed on more workstations to provide more processing power. QScan Max intelligent distribution algorithm automatically distributes the jobs and manages the scaling effortlessly.

EditShare QScan Scalability: Intelligent Load Distribution

EditShare Enhanced Integration

When applied to the EditShare environment, QScan's integration with the Flow ecosystem offers enhanced media verification. Whilst traditional AQC simply checks files on the output, Flow's Automation module leverages the power of the Quales engine at the heart of QScan to validate the files throughout the production - from ingest to editorial, VFX and grading, through to delivery - all seamlessly integrated and automated. This fully integrated approach allows you to catch any issues with the files at any step of the workflow, before the grade or treatment is added to the valuable content minimising downtime in the production chain. Let the creatives focus on their task while QScan focusses on the technical aspects of file correction. Errors detected by QScan are added to the content timeline as metadata to guide Flow users during the production process.

EditShare QScan Integrated QC Workflow

Powerful API

As a standalone service, QScan AQC works through an automated approach with its powerful API engine, enabling you to customise your workflow through the production process. Already supported by multiple leading vendors, QScan will work with your existing platforms and check your content automatically.